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I want to take a minute to Welcome everyone new to the page! I am so glad you found us! I'd like to explain a little bit about us and what we offer as well as how to go about placing an order! We are a very small homegrown business of two. It has been my dream to be able to provide a custom piece of art for individuals seeking something a little different and customized to your liking! With the help of my mom, we hand dye, hand cut and hand sew each and every individual piece of each bag. We love seeing your vision come to life!
We have a few different styles offered but also do custom size bags if needed. 

The "Courtney" is our standard size bag that comes with a single handle and double interior pockets with a snap closure. It is 14" wide 11" tall and 4" deep. It starts at $275.
The Courtney with Axis hide starts at $375.

The "Noche" is a slightly larger bag than the Courtney. It comes with double handles and 4 interior pockets with snap closure. It measures 14" wide, 12" tall and 6" deep. 
The Noche starts at $375
The Noche with Axis hide starts at $475.

Diaper bags have 4 interior pockets and 2 exterior pockets and a single strap. They are 16" wide, 13" tall and 7" deep. 
The Diaper Bags Start at $400.

The Grande Tejas is a slightly larger bag with a single handle. It is 14" across the top, 16" across the bottom and 13" Tall. These bags are typically made from a single hide with a smooth leather back and the variable being the handle. All handles are an interchangeable accessory. You can give one bag a whole new look with multiple handles! The Tejas bags can be monogrammed and/or whip stitched if desired. The Grande Tejas starts at $325.

The Tiny Tejas is exactly the same as the Grande, just a little smaller! This is the perfect bag to make cross body or shoulder bag, however you desire! 
The Tiny Tejas starts at $275 

We are now offering Concealed Carry Bags in multiple styles. They start at $375. Contact us to get a quote on your preferred style. 

Makeup bags are start at $45.
Wallets are $65

Most of the cowhides can be monogrammed but there are some that are not recommended. The hides that are a little longer/fluffier don't do well monogrammed. Axis hides do not get monogrammed.

We will be glad to monogram your custom brand as well... simply send us a clear picture that we can have digitized if need be. 
We generally have about a 45 days turnaround on Custom bags. Please be patient with us as this timeframe can vary depending on the number of bags ahead of you when you order. 
Custom orders are not put into the books until paid for. No exceptions. 
All custom orders are final once paid for. There will be no refunds on custom orders. We will work with everyone as much as we can to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. We want you to be happy and come back to us for your next bag and of course refer your friends!

We hope this helps answer any initial questions you might have. If you have any further questions or would like to place an order simply message us here on Facebook or give us a call!! 
A phone call is typically the easiest way to get in touch with me. 830-556-9405

We look forward to helping you create your very own fabulous handbag!!

Have a great day!! 



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